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The NFT Buying Process

We recommend getting started by using AtomicHub - a marketplace for NFT Cards. It uses a coin called WAX, and you'll need some. There are three basic steps: Create a WAX Wallet, Purchase Wax, and Log in to AtomicHub using the wax wallet.  


Create a WAX Wallet

First, go to WAX All Access, select one of the available login options, and follow the on-screen instructions. You will create a WAX Cloud Wallet account as a result of this step. 

You will find a wealth of information inside the wallet. The account name, for instance, can be located in the wallet's top right corner, always ending in '.wam.' You may see where their account name is in the image to the left.


This newly created WAX account already has some resources staked to it, which means you can perform a couple of transactions every day, but it does not contain any funds. So, before you can fully use their WAX account, you will have to add some funds or WAX.

Funding a WAX account is simple and can be accomplished in one of three ways:


  • Buying WAX directly using a credit card

  • Buying WAX on an exchange and sending it to one’s account

  • Sending WAX from another WAX account


Purchase Wax

Buying WAX directly using a Credit Card

Using a credit card is perhaps the most convenient way to purchase WAX. The sole disadvantage of this strategy is that the exchange rates are usually not favorable. By selecting the ‘Buy WAX' option in the right-hand column, one may purchase WAX with a credit card directly from the WCW.


Select one of the first two selections after clicking the button and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that you may be required to authenticate their identity before you can complete the transaction.

Buying WAX on an exchange and sending it to one’s Account

The second option of purchasing WAX is to purchase it on an exchange and send it to your account. If you already own other cryptocurrencies or want the best conversion rates, this option is the most efficient.

Sending WAX from another WAX Account

Sending WAX from another WAX account is the final way to finance an account. You can only use this method if you already have a WAX account and want to create a WAX Cloud Wallet account to connect to AtomicHub.

Log In to AtomicHub

After creating and paying the WAX Cloud Wallet account, the only remaining thing is to use the wallet's and account's functionalities, particularly signing in to AtomicHub using the WAX Wallet.

Sending a transaction

First and foremost, you must understand how to send a transaction. By clicking on ‘Send' in the right-hand column of the wallet, you can send a transaction. The system will take you to a window to select the token you wish to transmit by clicking the button. Select WAXP from the drop-down menu.


After that, you can input the amount of WAX they want to send in either WAX or USD and then select continue. Finally, you can input the receiving WAX account and notification or memo in the next window.


Having filled in all of the information accurately, you must click 'Next.' This will bring up a new window where you can double-check the data and authorize the transaction. You also ought to click ‘Approve' once they have double-checked everything. Following that, they will receive confirmation that the transaction was successful; the transaction will then reflect in their wallet.

Viewing and Sending NFTs


It's also crucial to understand how to examine and send NFTs. To see your NFTs, go to the WCW's left column and click on 'NFTs.' You can browse all of your NFTs on this tab, as well as filter them by collection. Moreover, you can access all necessary information on the NFT by clicking on it.


Adding Resources


By standard, a WAX Cloud Wallet account does have some resources staked to it; however, if you use the account frequently, you may find the default staked quantity of tokens, as well as the resources it provides, insufficient. You can choose to increase their resource capacity by purchasing additional resources with their WAX in this situation.


Click the ‘Resources' button in the right-hand portion of the wallet to open an overview of the current resources and acquire additional ones.


Select the resource at maximum capacity from the drop-down menu, then select the quantity of WAX to stake or use to acquire resources if the account is incapable of making transactions due to inadequate resources or if you simply want some extra resources. Then, complete the transaction by clicking the ‘Stake' or ‘Buy' button.

Using a dApp

Finally, understanding how to use the WAX Cloud Wallet to interface with a dApp, notably AtomicHub, is critical.


You can begin using AtomicHub after they have connected their WAX wallet to it. For example, suppose you wish to do something in the AtomicHub that needs a transaction. In that case, they must first validate the process in the window that appears when they have to accept a transaction and then click ‘Approve' or ‘Deny,’ whatever is fitting.

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